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Kumu "All Birch Custom" Drum Set - Stunning one-off NAMM Set - Black Brocade

Kumu "All Birch Custom" Drum Set - Stunning one-off NAMM Set - Black Brocade

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For your supreme viewing pleasure is this breathtakingly gorgeous Kumu All Birch Custom drum set made by the artisan master drum builders of Kumu Drums in Finland.  The toms and snare are constructed of all 100% hand made 3.8mm 4 ply Finish Birch shells with Kumu's "SoulRings" and the bass drum is constructed of 5mm 5 ply Finish Birch with "SoulRings" adorned with Kumu's proprietary "Super Wood Hoops" in "Deep Red" color with "Satin Sound" finish on the toms and snare.   The lugs are their unique "F lug" design which emulates the F holes seen on fine stringed instruments.  The sonorous sound of this set has to be heard to be appreciated.  It has a deep and pure fundamental with a crisp and woody articulation.  They are just as much at home in the recording studio as they are on any stage.  

The incredible velvety feel and look of the the one-off Black Brocade special fabric finish, done specially as a NAMM show piece, is as unique and debonair as one can get.  It is a head-turning show stopper if ever there was one.  Nobody will ever forget seeing you play it.  

Sizes: Bass 14"x22"/Tom 8"x13"/Floor Tom 14"(deep)x16"/Snare Drum 6.5"x14"   

*Please inquire if interested in purchasing the set without the snare, or the snare without the set.  


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