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1951 Leedy & Ludwig Knob Tension Drum Set White Marine Pearl 24/13/16/5.5x14 Snare

1951 Leedy & Ludwig Knob Tension Drum Set White Marine Pearl 24/13/16/5.5x14 Snare


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For your viewing pleasure is this rare and historical Leedy & Ludwig Knob Tension drum set that was only in production for 3 years from 1951-53, with this one being a '51 from the first year of production.  They were discontinued early on due to an engineering error with the inner bracing of the knob tension tuning mechanism.  But fear not, for this design flaw was cured up by vintage drum preservationist and master restoration expert Joey "Boom" Mekler (current owner of the Delaware Drum Show).  The two particular drums in this set that suffered from the infamous design flaw was the bass drum and the floor tom.  Joey cleaned the interiors of these two drums prior to doing the re-enforcment work, and then expertly repainted them, and lovingly aged them back to match the other two drums.  He was able to re-inforce all of the areas inside that required re-inforcements without drilling any extra holes.   So not only is this outfit drop-dead gorgeous, but it's also a very functional instrument that will be the center of many conversations.  It has a very warm and woody tone, with plenty of midrange punch.  All of the parts are original, and there are no extra holes (the clip on hoop mount spurs are modern Danmar that have been aged by Joey to match the aesthetics of the set).  None of the tensioning knobs are stripped, and all are fully functional.  The bass drum heads are modern Remo heads that have been expertly faux aged by Joey to look like calf skin heads.  The custom front bass head was painted "KT" ("Knob Tension") to emulate a period correct head.  Please call with any questions.  Enjoy!  

14x24 / 9x13 / 16x16 / 5.5x14 

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