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Ludwig 1970's Jazzette Bop Set - Red Sparkle

Ludwig 1970's Jazzette Bop Set - Red Sparkle

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Sizes: 12"x18" / 8"x12" / 14"x14"

For your viewing pleasure is this rare early 1970's Ludwig Jazzette outfit in original red sparkle.  Jazzettes were unique in that they were exclusively made with 12"x18" bass drums with center rails.  The set has a lovely overall appearance, with some honest play wear including some scuffs & scratches here & there, & a slight seam lift on one of the bass drum seams.  Ludwig's 1970's pointy blue & olive badges were known for getting snagged on the pointy parts & getting bent & damaged.  This set was no exception, & needed to have the bass drum badge replaced with a very nice era & no-serial # correct vintage badge (it is well documented that Ludwig used many of these no-serial number badges in the early 70's which is when this drum is from).  The front bass drum hoop was replaced & looks great.  There are two hair-line surface splits on the inner ply of the bass drum (see pics), they are cosmetic in nature & do not affect the stability or integrity of the drum.  There are no extra holes in any of the drums.  This set tunes up like a champ, has a great jazzy tone like no other when tuned up high, & an amazing fusion/funk thing going on at lower tunings.  Enjoy!

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