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Ludwig Keystone Champagne Sparkle Downbeat Set 20/12/14

Ludwig Keystone Champagne Sparkle Downbeat Set 20/12/14

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*No Longer Available*

This beautiful 1960's 3 ply Ludwig Downbeat set in gorgeous champagne sparkle is begging to be played.  Their color is strong, they tune up very well & sound excellent.

* Keystone badges are flat & tight & look great.

* Wrap is very clean & vibrant, beautiful!  No snare rash on the 12" & no tom rash on the bass drum.

* Rims, lugs, T's & Claws, tone controls, legs, rail mount, tom & leg brackets, spurs & spur brackets are all original with brilliant chrome.

* Bass drum hoops are original with original inlay.

*  The three ply shells all have white interiors.

* Bearing edges are true & original (with exception of a filled ding on resonant side edge of floor tom as can be seen in last picture) & all drums tune up well.

* The bottom reinforcement ring of the floor tom had separated at the scarf joint at some point & was clamped & re-glued.  The clear glue that was used can be seen if examined, but the job was done sturdily & has held up well.

* The 12" tom was ordered with top & bottom bass ball bat mufflers.  It is evident from the matching oxidation / patina on the internal & external parts that they have both been on there from the get-go.

* Seams are flat & tight.

* Correct Ludwig "L" arm is included.

* Bass drum has Slingerland "L" arm bracket installed in correct location.  This is the only L arm mount ever installed, it works perfectly with the Ludwig L arm & looks great.



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