Ludwig 1970s Vistalite 5x14 Blue & White Pattern F Snare Drum

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This is a rare example of Ludwig's pattern F blue & white Vistalite snare drum in 5x14 from the 1970s.  It displays the 70s pointy blue and olive badge, and original P-85 strainer which operates smoothly.  At some point, one of the vertical white panels cracked in one of the corners and was repaired by simply being glued back together (see pics).  It is a solid repair, and is located at the back of the drum which would only be seen by the player when set up. It is one panel to the right of the strainer if viewing the drum from the front with the badge facing you. As is common on many of these vintage Ludwigs, there is a little bit of pitting/oxidation in the center flange of the hoops.  This drum is completely original including the heads, wires, tension rods and washers.  Most importantly, it tunes up perfectly and sounds truly great.

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