*No Longer Available* 14" 1960's Pre-Serial Paiste Hi-Hats 866g/904g # 289

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*No Longer Available*

This is a beautiful factory matched pair of 1960's pre-serial Paiste 602 Hi-Hats.  They weigh in at a great medium weight of 866g & 904g & have that classic 1960's B20 sound.  It is apparent from the patina on these cymbals that the original owner (who we acquired these from) always used the heavier 904g hat on top, which means that (for most folks that would play these the other way around) the top cymbal has pretty much not been played by sticks & has a full life ahead of it.  The original owner engraved his name on the bottom of the bells, but other than that, these are in great shape with no bends, keyholes, cracks or flea bites.