Original Early 70's Ludwig Green Vistalite in Bonham Sizes

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*No longer available*

This is a rare & amazing set that has to be seen & heard to be believed.   As you may know, green is among the rarest of Viastalite colors, so finding an original Green Vista set is ultra rare in & of itself let alone with a virgin bass drum & in these coveted sizes.  It is in superb condition with all original parts.  The bass drum thumps like a mortar going off & the toms sounds huge & articulate.  It's evident this kit was always well cared for in addition to it speaking particularly well for the sizes & really nailing the Bonham/Zep sound to a tee!  The tom tom has only ever been fitted with a clip mount which can be used on an easily acquired clip mount stand,  or rock it in a snare stand.

Configuration: 14"x26 Bass / 10"x14" Tom / 16"x18" Floor Tom.