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Canopus R.F.M. Studio Kit Drum Set - Natural Oil 20/12/14

Canopus R.F.M. Studio Kit Drum Set - Natural Oil 20/12/14

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Sizes: 15"x20"BD/8"x12"TT/13"x14"FT

This is a gorgeous R.F.M. (Reinforcement Maple) Studio kit we just got in from the great folks at Canopus drums.  They are stunning to look at & an absolute knock out to play.  Canopus fine tuned the design of each shell size to sound amazing by carefully listening to & experimenting with different dimensions of shell sizes with different numbers of ply's & different thicknesses of reinforcement rings.  They actually use the thickness & size of the reinforcement rings as a way to further fine tune the timbre of each drum.  This means that each shell size has a different ply layup & different size & shape reinforcement hoop.  Wow!  That's forward thinking.  We're hear to tell you, one listen to these babies & one will quickly realize that there is no marketing hype to these drums construction.  The proof is in the pudding and this pudding is gourmet!

This kit would be perfect for the drummer who is looking for a kit that speaks particularly well into mics & who plays a variety of styles in different tuning ranges.  The sizes lend themselves particularly well to the recording studio & would be killer for all styles of music including fusion.

*This set features a timeless & debonair natural oil finish, American maple shells that are as gorgeous on the insides as they are on the outsides, low-mass brass lugs, triple flange 2.3mm steel rims, & Canopus tom tom suspension rim with bass drum mount.

*This set comes with the three drums pictured and the rims mount on the 12" tom.  The tom arm is not included, but can be added for an additional charge.   

*Please see our Canopus snare section for some amazing snares that would match up wonderfully with this outfit!

*All orders may require a signature at time of delivery unless discussed prior to purchase.  


From the Canopus site:

The Original, Sophisticated Canopus sound.

While developing the R.F.M. series, we first visualized what a maple shell should sound like. The modern maple drum shell has a solid, bright sound, but there are also some shortcomings that we believed could be improved upon. The shell itself does not resonate enough, the mid-range does not sustain enough, and there are often unwanted overtones.

We concluded that it must be possible to develop maple shell drums that maintain the existing desirable traits, yet also address these issues. With this in mind, CANOPUS has moved forward with an ongoing research into maple-shell construction, closely examining problems that arise as we experiment. For example, when we make a thin shell for greater resonance, we lose sustain and cannot feel the power of the drum. We know this through our experience and accumulated observations.

Reinforcement quickly drew our attention as a means to achieve a better sound. Reinforcement was originally meant to reinforce the shells, but we decided to use it proactively as a tool to shape tone. Through rigorous testing of all combinations in width, thickness and numbers of ply we have established our unique approach to reinforcing shells. Depending on a shell’s diameter and depth, we utilize different reinforcement construction as well as different shell construction. The result is our R.F.M. series that has a bright, solid sound with enough mid-range tone and resonance. We achieved a fantastic core drum sound as well; our maple drums have a wide tuning range, plenty of resonance and an excellent balance with the drum-set. We highly recommend our maple drums for all genres of music.


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