Rare 1964 Slingerland Bop Jet Set in Silver Sparkle - Nice! 18"/12"/14"

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*No Longer Available*

Sizes: 14"x18"/8"12"/14"x14"

This is a beautiful & rare Slingerland Jet set with catalog option wood bass drum hoops.  This special rare set from the 1960's, cataloged as Slingerland's "Jet" set, features the very rare special order size 14"x18" virgin bass drum as well as virgin 12" tom with original Slingerland tom stand.   That's correct - this Slingerland stand is specifically for holding a tom & will not even adjust large enough for a standard 14" snare.  Pretty cool!  This set was professionally re-wrapped in silver sparkle quite a while ago & there are 2 seams on the 12" tom.  The set looks amazing as can be seen in the pics, & anyone can tell you that nothing looks as good under the stage lights as silver sparkle.  There are no extra holes or any other modifications of any kind.  The set is in exceptionally excellent condition & the 3 ply maple interior shells have gorgeous interiors & internal hardware.  The bering edges are original & true.  These drums sound wonderful & are perfect for either a righty or lefty set-up due the virgin bass & virgin 12" - which also makes it a great house set for a recording studio or jazz club.  Enjoy!