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Rare Vintage 1979/80 Ludwig 6.5"x14" Smooth Bronze/Brass "B" Stamp Snare Drum

Rare Vintage 1979/80 Ludwig 6.5"x14" Smooth Bronze/Brass "B" Stamp Snare Drum

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For your viewing pleasure is this rarely seen and hard to find original 1979/80 Ludwig Lacquered Bronze snare drum.  It has the elusive "B" stamp in the shell under the muffler knob.  This generally indicated that the shell was a brass shell, but Ludwig also used it on bronze shells as well during this era.  If you are reading this, then you probably already know that the grand majority of the bronze drums that Ludwig built during this period were hammered bronze, and not the smooth, and even most of those were 1980s keystone badge drums not blue and olive like this one.  This drum weighs in at a very sturdy 10 lbs.  It is in all-around excellent condition with a few dark spots from where some oxygen has made it to the shell in a few places, primarily around where the perimeter of where the lugs touch the shell.  This is par for the course on these non-plated, lacquered bronze (and brass) drums.  There are two very small dings above the center bead in the panel to the left of the butt plate, and behind the muffler knob from the knob getting lightly bumped.  These can all be popped out if one desired, but they are cosmetic minutia that is hardly noticeable and does not affect the integrity or sound of the drum in any way.  There are no extra holes or modifications of any kind.  There is a like-new medium Ludwig Coated Weather Master head on top, and a new Remo snare side Ambassador on bottom.  Aside from the nice replacement heads, this drum is 100% original including the wires and smooth operating P-85 strainer.  This fine instrument tunes up easily and sounds wonderful in all tuning ranges.  If you have been looking for this rare snare for your collection or recording studio, you'd be hard pressed to find another from this era in this condition.  Enjoy!

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