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Rogers 1960's Champagne Sparkle Cleveland "Delta" Tower Set - 20/12/14

Rogers 1960's Champagne Sparkle Cleveland "Delta" Tower Set - 20/12/14


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*No longer available.

Sizes: 14"x20" Bass / 8"x12" Tom / 14"x14" Floor Tom

If you know Rogers, then you can imagine how amazing this beauty is, not only to play, but to simply gaze upon in person.  Tower drums were the Cadillacs of 60's center lug drum sets, & this one happens to be in one of  our favorite finishes, champagne sparkle (or "pink sparkling pearl", as listed in the Rogers catalog).  The combination of old-growth maple shells with lower metal-mass from less lugs along with Rogers 45 degree bearing edges proved to be an extremely resonant & musical marriage.  They have a streamlined & elegant look, & are easier to transport due to the reduced weight.  Sonically, they are everything you could hope for in a Rogers Cleveland era set, with the killer tuning range that they're known for.  All 3 drums have flat gray interiors & Cleveland Tower tags.  The batter side hoop was missing the original champagne sparkle inlay.  We replaced it with some beautiful era correct inlay.  It matches perfectly, but we had to use several pieces (instead of two, like originally used), so there are a few more seams.  There are no extra holes or modifications of any kind.  The wrap is in wonderful condition with no splits or damage to speak of.  It is still very pink & vibrant.  Please call with any questions, or come try them out today!

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