Rogers Buddy Rich Wood Dynasonic Snare Drum 5"x14" Time Capsule WMP

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This is truly a special time capsule piece for the Rogers enthusiast. This 5"x14" wood Dyna-Sonic is completely 100% original in every way. It still has its lightly played Rogers logo heads on both sides. The white marine pearl wrap is exquisite, & the seam is flat & tight. The chrome is all gorgeous. The Dynasonic "D" stamped Swivomatic strainer operates flawlessly, as does the tone control. The original snare frame & snare wires are still stabilized by the seldom seen black elastic bands, which kept the frame from rattling back & forth between the gates while the snare was in the off position. The rims are beautiful, & secured by all original tension rods & washers. The bearing edges are original & true. The Rogers script badge is held on by the original factory nails, which have not been touched or tampered with. Serial # 119XX dates this drum to 1967. This is a rare opportunity to purchase a drum that is ready for the finest of collections. Enjoy!