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Sligerland 1962 "Modern Jazz" Set in Blue Ripple 20/12/14

Sligerland 1962 "Modern Jazz" Set in Blue Ripple 20/12/14

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Take a gander at this scarce 1962 three ply mahogany interior Slingerland drum set.  This No. 9N outfit is dressed in the scarcely seen Sky Blue Ripple finish, which is a personal favorite of ours.  The set has been taken good care of, and there are no scratches, scuffs, or rash.  There are no extra holes or modifications of any kind, the bearing edges are true & original, & the set tunes up like an absolute champ.  As is common on the grand majority of these 1960s ripple sets, the wrap has puckered around some of the lugs on the bass and floor tom which caused small splits at the corners of the lugs.  These are not terribly noticeable unless you're looking for them, and the set still retains an overall stunning appearance.  All of the hoops are original chrome over brass stick savers.  Date stamped Nov 1962 inside.  This is a truly special outfit that deserves a loving home.  Enjoy!

Sizes: 14"x20" / 8"x12" / 14"x14"

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