Slingerland Early '70s Super Rock Outfit No.51N Chrome Over Wood

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For your viewing pleasure is this very cool and seldom seen 1970s Super Rock Outfit No.51N in Chrome Over Wood.  The Super Rock Outfit is comprised of a thunderous 14"x24" bass, 9"X13" & 10"x14" toms, and 16"x18" floor tom, all with beautiful 3 ply clear maple interior shells.  This set is all original with exception of some of the tension rods and the heads on the toms and batter side of the bass drum (front bass drum head is an original Slingerland head).  There are no extra holes or modifications of any kind.  Overall, most of these chrome wrapped drums did not hold up very well as they were prone to scratches, dings, and oxidation/rust.  This set has some random scratches, dings, a little oxidation here and there, and some polishing swirls (most prominent on the floor tom), but overall it presents wonderfully compared to the grand majority that we have seen over the years with far fewer signs of age than most.  It looks amazing under stage lights and would be incredible for rock or big band, both on the stage and in the studio.  Thanks and enjoy!  
*The single tom arm is for demonstration only and does not come with the set.  Pleas insure if interested in purchasing one.
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