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1970s Slingerland Bop Drum Set Natural Maple 3 Ply 18/12/14

1970s Slingerland Bop Drum Set Natural Maple 3 Ply 18/12/14

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For your extreme viewing pleasure is this rare and beautiful early 1970s Slingerland bop set in stunning original natural maple finish.  The bass drum features an exquisite furniture grade flame maple on both the outside and inside.  All three black and silver badges are nice and tight with close serial #'s (413xx, 417xx, 422xx) that date this set to 1970-72.  It is 100% original with exception of two extra holes which are completely covered under the Slingerland splash cymbal bracket on the bass drum.  These Sligerland brackets would occasionally strip, and someone replaced it with a Ludwig bracket which had slightly different hole spacing.  We have put a correct vintage Slingerland bracket back in its place which completely covers the extra holes from the outside.  The only way you can see them is by removing the bracket, or by looking on the inside of the shell.  Aside from this, this set is all original.  It even still has the original 18" front Slingerland logo head! The set is in overall great condition for having a natural finish, with a bit of snare wear on the 12" and a bit of wear on the top of the bass from where the tom rubbed.  The 14" is in great condition.  The edges are all true and original. These three ply shells with re-rings absolutely sing, and this set tunes up easily and sound incredible. Enjoy!

Sizes: 14x18 / 8x12 / 14x14

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