1960s Slingerland 5x14 Gene Krupa 8 Lug Sound King Snare Drum Chrome Over Brass 227XXX

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For your viewing pleasure is this clean 5x14 8 lug chrome over brass 1960s Slingerland Gene Krupa Sound King snare drum. These drums get our vote for being the most underrated power house vintage snare drums on the planet. They have amazing heavy brass shells which have a wonderfully warm yet commanding sonic signature. The chrome on this drum is strong and shows well. Unlike most of these we have come across, this drum was never bumped or dropped on any of the lugs, strainer, or butt which can cause the brass shell to dent. The Zoomatic strainer works smoothly and looks great. There are no extra holes or modifications. The drum is 100% original with exception of the heads.  It still has the original Slingerland wires.  The original tone control looks good and is functional.   The black and brass oval badge looks great and is nice and tight, serial # 227XXX.  All of the tension rods and washers are original and look great.  Most importantly, this drum sounds amazing and tunes up perfectly.  Enjoy!

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