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Slingerland 1969 Sparkling Purple Pearl 4pc Drum Set 22/12/13/16

Slingerland 1969 Sparkling Purple Pearl 4pc Drum Set 22/12/13/16

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"Sparkling Purple Pearl" is one of Slingerland's most illusive finishes, and is very scarcely seen.  This set is one of the earliest examples we have seen in this finish, and actually dates to 1969, the year before it was officially offered in the catalogues.  It is a transition set, meaning the shells were selected during a time in Slingerland's production when they were switching from what collectors refer to as "chocolate milk" painted interiors, to clear maple interiors.  The Bass drum and 13" tom have chocolate milk interiors, and the 12" & 16" tom have clear maple interiors.  All 4 drums have black and brass Niles badges with serial #'s dating to 1969.  

This outfit was ordered with a cymbal "L arm" bracket on the bass drum, which gives the player several set-up options.  Both the 12" & 13" toms were universally built with the badge installed opposite the mounting bracket.  This allows the owner to set up with either the 12" or 13" tom on a single Set-O-Matic tom arm with a bass drum mounted ride cymbal, or both toms mounted simultaneously on a double Set-O-Matic tom mount.

Aside from the heads, this set is completely original and has been very well cared for.  The wrap is in marvelous condition showing very little signs of age.  The seams are all flat and tight.  The bass drum shows just a hint of where the toms rubbed a tiny bit at one point, but the marks are very light surface marks which are hidden by the toms and not very evident unless you're looking for them.  There are a few light surface marks on the floor tom, and there is NO snare rash on either the 12" or the 13" tom.  They display incredibly well.  All of the chrome is nice, and all of the tension rods, T's, & claws are original.  As if being jaw droppingly cool, incredibly memorable, and rare wasn't enough, these tune up like absolute champs.  Woody, punchy, vintage tones for days.  This set would most certainly be right at home amongst the finest of collections, stages, and studios!  

Sizes: 14"x22" / 8"x12" / 9"x13" / 16"x16"   


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