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Trixon Speedfire 0/700 in Pink Sparkle - Amazing!

Trixon Speedfire 0/700 in Pink Sparkle - Amazing!

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This is a gorgeous & extremely rare 1960's Trixon Speedfire 0/700 outfit in even more rare Pink Sparkle.  This is a complete set with all of the original parts - including original Trixon logo calf skin bass drum heads on front & back.  This configuration gives you the amazing dual tones of the two chamber Speedfire bass drum with the classic pairing of a 13" double-sided tom neighboring  9" & 8" bongos (mounted with the larger on the left, just like bongos would have been played).  Of corse they don't have to be used as bongos because there's no rule books here! Rock them out as concert toms too!  Then, show some love to the thunderous behemoth of a 20" floor tom (with unique 15.75" depth), it is gratifying.

Complete original Speedfire outfits in rare colors do not come on the market very often.  This is a rare opportunity indeed.  Ready to play/record/gig with. as is typical on almost all vintage Trixon drums, a few of the plastic grommets under the lugs have cracked & can be replaced if so desired.

Please contact us if you need more photos, would like to come & see it in person, or would like to talk about them.  Thanks & enjoy!


Bass Drum: 13 & 3/8" deep x 25.75" at widest x 18.75" at highest

Tom: 8" x 13"

Concert toms/bongos  6.5" x 8" & 7" x 9"

Floor Tom: 15.75" x 20"

Snare: 5" x 14"

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