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Vintage 1960's Slingerland 14x20 Green Satin Flame Pearl Bass Drum

Vintage 1960's Slingerland 14x20 Green Satin Flame Pearl Bass Drum

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For your viewing pleasure is this cool 1960's Slingerland green satin flame pearl 14x20 bass drum.  This listing is only for what is shown, there are no hoops, heads, spurs, or T's and claws.  The satin flame wrap has the usual checking/spidering associated with satin flame wraps.  The nice black and brass Niles badge with serial # 208XXX dates this drum in the 1966-68 range (there is no internal date stamp, the interior has been painted black).  The drum appears to have been bumped on one of the spur brackets which caused cracking of the wrap around that bracket and a split in the shell which can be seen from the inside.  The inside of the 3 ply shell has been painted black.  The drum is in round, heads fit nicely, and it will tune up fine.  Most of the lugs look good and will polish up nicely with some light pitting here and there, although there are a few on the bottom side that have a few flecks of missing chrome and slightly heavier pitting. The spur brackets look good and will polish up with minimal pitting.  There are no extra holes, and the bearing edges are true and original.  Enjoy!

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