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Vintage 1971 Ludwig 402 Supraphonic Snare Drum Blue & Olive 6.5"x14"

Vintage 1971 Ludwig 402 Supraphonic Snare Drum Blue & Olive 6.5"x14"


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You are looking at a 1971 Ludwig Supraphonic No. 402 snare drum in 6.5"x14". This is the size & shell material ("Ludalloy / aluminum) preferred by John Bonham. It is in great condition with no dings or dents that we can see. There is mild pitting / flaking here & there. The 10 imperial lugs show beautifully - upon close scrutiny you can see a hint of small pin-point pitting here & there. The original P-85 throw-off / strainer & butt assembly are clean & functions perfectly. The original round-knob tone control is superb & fully functional. Fans of these Supra's know this is the preferred tone control over the "baseball bat" version. The reason being you can dial in the exact amount of dampening you desire with the round knob whereas there is only & on or an off with the base ball bat style. The blue & olive badge is tight, looks great & has serial # 854XXX. The interior of the shell still retains the "Ludwig Model 402 Date Sticker" which is dated May 18 1971". It is also stamped "Reliable Anti Galvanic" twice (once on top half & once on bottom half of interior shell) in black ink. The original rims are in excellent condition with no bends. The original Ludwig wires are perfect & sound great. All tension rods & washers are original & look great. The drum comes with a very lightly used Remo coated ambassador head on top that has TONS of life left. The bottom head is a nearly new Evans snare side 300 hazy that sounds great. Here's the most important part though, & hopefully why you're looking at this: it sounds absolutely killer! Deep punchy tone that only a 402 Ludalloy Supra can deliver! If you've been looking to treat yourself to a 1971 Supra that you can play out & record with, as well as include in your vintage collection, this is it. Enjoy!

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