Vintage 1979 5"x14" Tama Superstar Snare in Super Maple - 9mm Shell NICE!

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*No Longer Available*

Feast your eyes on this gorgeous 1979 Tama Superstar snare in stunning high gloss Super Maple finish. With exception of a practically new coated Evans G2 head on top, this drum is all original, including the Tama bottom snare head. This is a 6 digit serial # drum from right after they made the switch from 6mm thick shells to the more desirable 9mm thick shell construction. This was also around the time they started using their new high gloss finishes. This snare is the sought after original version of the drum that Tama has now reissued as their 40th anniversary Superstar Super Maple snare, the one that put the Supertars on the map. There are no extra holes or modifications of any kind. The strainer functions perfectly & smoothly, as does the tone control. This is a very well cared for original example in beautiful condition. It tunes up wonderfully in a wide range of tunings & has the classic woody crack & sonic signature that can only be delivered by an original, early 9mm Tama Superstar that has been aged & seasoned to perfection over the last 37 years. This drum is ready for the finest of stages, studios or collections. Enjoy!