Vintage 1989 #34 of 100 Zildjian / Noble & Cooley 4.75"x14" Cymbal Alloy Snare

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Here you have it folks, the very rare & highly sought after original 4.75"x14" snare that started the collectable boutique snare drum craze in 1989. These original first issue 4.75" x 14" snare drums are heirloom quality instruments & rarely enter the open market or change hands, especially in this condition.

When Zildjian collaborated with Noble & Cooley back in 1989 (holy cow, that was 26 years ago already) to create a snare drum cast from Zildjian's secret family recipe for cymbal alloy, they were at the forefront of a new echelon of the collectable snare drum market.

This heavy-weight champ of the recording studio, stage & collectors market weighs in at just shy of 14 lbs on our digital scale! It has the original Noble & Cooley Evans Cad/Cam heads it left the factory with. The top head has a few very light tap marks on it from the original owner lightly testing it out (still looks almost new), the bottom head is perfect. The highly prized original black die cast rims are magnificent (the re-issue Zildjian / Noble & Cooley snares from the early 2000's did not come with die-cast rims).

This drum is stamped 09-034 inside the shell which indicates it was the 34th one ever built in 1989. There were approximately 100 of this size built in the original run, so needless to say they are very rare. It is also signed inside by Bob Gatzen of Noble & Cooley. This drum is in near mint condition save for a few light oxidation marks & some even lighter polishing marks when viewed at certain angles. It's certainly one of the finest completely original examples in existence.