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Rogers Mardi Gras Drum Set 20/12/14 Rare!

Rogers Mardi Gras Drum Set 20/12/14 Rare!


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Sizes: 14x20 / 8x12 / 14x14

For your viewing pleasure is this excellent Rogers Mardi Gras set, with extremely rare 14x14 floor tom.  The bass drum and 12" tom are black interior Jasper shell Eagle badge drums with gradual bearing edges, and the floor tom is a flat gray interior Jasper shell script badge drum with matching gradual bearing edges.  At some point, the Swiv-O-Matic spur brackets on the bass drum and tom mounting bracket on the 12" tom were switched from the old original style Swivo brackets to the early '60s updated brackets, which have a slightly different hole spacing.  Since no extra holes were drilled in the shells, only two of the four screw holes line up on these brackets, so only two screws are being used on each, which holds the plates sufficiently and is completely useable and playable as is.  

This extraordinarily rare set presents itself beautifully, and is sure to be a head turner anywhere it is played.  It is well known that the bread and butter style lugs seen on this era of Rogers were prone to cracking under stress.  All of the lugs have been replaced with the ultra high quality (and quite expensive, $30 each with the internal parts) Jim Petty JP2 Creations lugs, with the exception of one side of the floor tom, which has original un-cracked lugs (the other side of the floor tom has 8 JP2 lugs).  As is quite common for Mardi Gras, the wrap has some puckering on the 12" & 14" toms.  There is some puckering just above the bottom hoop on the 12" where there is also a small sliver of wrap missing which is covered by the hoop and cannot be seen unless the hoop and head are removed (see pics), as well as a light area of scuffing on the panel to the left of the mounting bracket.  The 14" floor tom has some eyebrow puckering above a few of the lugs, one of the eyebrows has a small hairline split.  There is some oxidation/rust here and there including the floor tom legs, hoops, and mounting brackets.  The bass hoops have been re-sprayed and look good.  The batter side hoop had some areas of missing inlay, but was filled in with real pieces of original Mardi Gras inlay and looks good.  Both toms have original tall boy hoops, and new correct size replacement tension rods.  Because there are no cracked lugs on this set, and the JP2 lugs are made from steel and not brass like the originals, you can crank the tuning up and play it out professionally without fear of cracking the lugs.  

There are VERY few 20/12/14 Rogers Mardi Gras sets out there, so if you've been looking for one that you can actually play and enjoy, you might be watching for a long time before another one pops up.  Enjoy!

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