Slingerland 1950s Radio King Blue Sparkle Windsor Ensemble 6-N Drum Set

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For your viewing pleasure is this gorgeous one owner 1956-58 Slingerland Radio King Windsor 6-N set, which is a cataloged set that did not come from the factory with a floor tom.  The original blue sparkle (blue glass glitter) wrap is in wonderful condition with no splits or cracks.  These drums have been very well cared for, and show very little handling wear.  There are no extra holes or modifications of any kind.  They are 100% original in every way including the Radio King calf skins and all of the tensions rods, T's and claws.  The calf head on the front of the bass is in lovely condition, the one on the back has a split and will need to be replaced.  The calf head on the top of the 13" looks and sounds great, the one on the bottom has a split and will need to be replaced.  As was sometimes seen back in the day, the hardware on the bass drum is chrome, while the  tom has nickel hardware.  These drums have beautiful mahogany interiors with maple re-rings.  The two factory L arms are in superb condition and operate flawlessly.  The set is a very attractive and unique shade of blue sparkle that Slingerland was using in the 50s, and is hard not to stair at every time we walk past it.

Sizes: 14"x22" & 9"x13" 

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