1956-59 Slingerland Radio King 18x20 Combo-Be Bop Bass / Floor Tom White Marine

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For your viewing pleasure is this rare 1956-59 era Slingerland Radio King Combo Be-Bop drum as cataloged by Slingerland.  It was designed for dual use on its side like a traditional bass drum, or standing up like a floor tom where it could be used as a floor tom and a cocktail style bass drum.  For this reason, they were built with a bass drum hoop on the bottom, and a rarely seen nickel over brass 20" stick saver hoop on top.  The fabulous Louie Bellson used a Combo-Be Bop drum for a time, and was a fan of 20" floor toms.  The wrap is in good shape with no splits or damage, and the seams are flat and tight.  There are no extra holes or modifications, and the edges are true and original.  The legs are replacements, and fit the brackets well.  The top head is a rare original Radio King calf tom head.  It had an internal wooden cross beam for holding internal heater light bulbs installed with small finishing tacks that do not go through the shell (or the wrap).  It was removed and you can see these small marks (on the inside only) in the pics.  This unique piece of Slingerland history tunes up well and sounds amazing.  Enjoy! 

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