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18" Zildjian A Tran Stamp Crash Ride Cymbal 1516g #496

18" Zildjian A Tran Stamp Crash Ride Cymbal 1516g #496

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For your viewing pleasure is this magnificent sounding 18" Zildjian A "THIN" Trans Stamp cymbal from the 1950s in a great light weight. We've has the opportunity to play quite a few 18" Trans Stamp cymbals, and this is a truly special one.  Sound-wise and weight-wise, it has everything we look for in a thin vintage 18".  Under close examination, you can see where it was stamped "THIN" in black ink from the factory, just below the Trans Stamp.  It's in good condition with no cracks or keyhole, but there is a slight dip in the edge from being stored upright in a cymbal bag and being as thin as it is.  This cymbal exhibits expert lathing and exquisite hammering that is just not seen on the grand majority of later Zildjian A cymbals, which makes rare Trans Stamp cymbals in good condition special and so sought after.  Zildjian A's from this golden period of manufacturing are not common, and you simply can't buy new cymbals that sound and play like these do.  Enjoy!

Weight: 1516g

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